Ahlstrom Filtration

Ahlstrom in short

We are a high performance fiber-based materials company, partnering with leading businesses around the world to help them stay ahead. Our products are used in a large variety of everyday applications, such as filters, medical gowns and drapes, diagnostics, wallcoverings, flooring and food packaging. We have a leading market position in the businesses in which we operate.

Ahlstrom’s product and technology developments

Based upon its unique fiber expertise and innovative approach, Ahlstrom is able to offer highly tailored solutions for its large customer base. We work in close cooperation with our customers in product development in order to ensure an optimal time-to-market, and our Central Technology Center and R&D activities focus on customer-driven innovations and product improvements.

Filtration applications

Our latest improvements for Filtration market

Next generation Hydraulic Filtermedia portfolio

offers complete solutions for all hydraulic applications, including fi ltration systems that require very high particulate removal efficiency, optimal cleanliness of fluids and superior mechanical performance. It combines excellent performance with a low pressure drop and the reduction of fluid flow restriction by up to 50%.

Next generation Gas Turbine Filtermedia portfolio

Ahlstrom can offer the full range of filter products for demanding Gas Turbine air intake and Industrial Air applications utilizing a wide range of different production platforms. Starting from cellulose/synthetic product mixes to 100% synthetic, microglass, or nano-fiber coated products we can offer a reliable technical solution for all gas turbine environments. A real breakthrough product is Trinitex®, which combines excellent mechanical efficiency, water repellency, dust holding capacity, and strength in one package.

Ahlstrom Captimax™, Helping the industry become more effective and sustainable

Ahlstrom Captimax™ captures the small micron particles in fuels without using glass. It cleans the fuel to the highest levels and protects the engine from the harmful particles, making it run cleaner and smoother regardless of what the fuel is.

Benefits offered by Ahlstrom Captimax™

Ahlstrom XAIR, Automotive and Heavy Duty Air Filter media

Is it proven that part of the contaminants from the air intake system contributes to the total engine emission,passing out the exhaust, including crankcase emissions. XAIR is a new portfolio of Automotive and Heavy Duty Air Filter media achieving exceptional performances in soot filtration.

Disruptor®, an award winning technology

A new category of nonwoven media that filters water with the efficiency of a membrane but a higher flow rates and many times less pressure drop. This patented technology is unique in water filtration because it works through electroadsorption, not mechanical filtration making it effective in removing virus, bacteria, cell debris, organic acids and many inorganic colloids from water.