Anowo is the exclusive European distributor for polyamide 6.6 nonwoven fabrics, manufactured by Cerex Advanced Fabrics, Inc.

Cerex Advanced Fabrics, Inc. nylon (polyamide 6.6) substrates have been the choice of media and filter manufacturers for over 40 years.

The Cerex patented formation process creates a product unique to the filtration market. The PA 6.6 spunbond fabrics provide better web uniformity than other spunbond nonwovens thereby reducing the possibility of media migration and ensuring pleat integrity during manufacturing.

Cerex's products also offer better tensile and burst strength properties setting them apart from other webs. Moreover, the fabrics deliver nearly one-half the thickness profile of other spunbond materials which present opportunities for increased filtration surface area and lower pressure differential.

Additionally, polyamide 6.6 filtration fabrics are chemically resistant where other nonwovens fail, and are ideal for use in gasoline and diesel fuel applications as well as hydraulic fluids with aggressive additive packages. Our materials also are more tolerant of heat than other spunbonds with a melt point above 260°C.

Find out how you can make your filtration products the industry leader, with CEREX Advanced Fabrics.

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