Today’s demanding air and liquid filtration systems need to operate efficiently at higher pressures and temperatures for longer periods of time while delivering greater performance without the risk of catastrophic failure. This requires exceptionally strong, light weight and uniform media components that can be used in a wide range of chemical environments.

For more than 45 years, CEREX Advanced Fabrics’ high quality spunbond polyamide 6,6 nonwoven fabrics have proven to deliver industry leading media performance due to superior strength, uniformity, and durability, with a thinner profile and lower pressure drop. Let us show you how this can reduce total filter cost and create lighter weight, smaller footprint filter elements that have superior filter performance and can achieve longer service lives.

Together with our European partner ANOWO ltd, we look forward to meeting with you and discuss how polyamide 6,6 spunbond fabrics can make your filtration products the industry leader.

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