JET Filter S - A Plug-and-Play Solution

Dango & Dienenthal’s JET Filter S is a compact, automatic backwash filter. Components required for operation, such as control system, differential-pressure gauge and electric backwash valve are already permanently installed on the Filter – making it a plug-and-play solution, as it were.

The JET Filter S can deal with flow rates of up to 25 m³/h and filtration grades of > 50 µm. Thanks to an integrated dirt collection reservoir, the differential pressure barely increases during filtration. In addition to plastic, the complete filter is also manufactured using stainless steel, meaning it can be installed in drinking water applications as well. The housing is made of an inert material and the seals and ball valve have W270 or KTW approval.

What is more, installation of the JET Filter S is simple and straightforward, and the lack of moving parts means that it operates with very little wear. The wide range of potential applications and good price/performance ratio make the JET Filter S an outstanding filter.