DelStar Technologies, Inc. Trusted Supplier of RO Feed Spacers

MIDDLETOWN, DE (September 9th, 2016) – Desalination plants use a process called reverse osmosis (RO) to create fresh water from a body of salty water. Membranes are a major component of this process and feed water spacers protect and support these membranes as water flows through filters.

DelStar Technologies, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of Naltex® Extruded Netting for Reverse Osmosis Feed Water Spacers. This premium brand of Netting is just one product line among seven in the DelStar Technologies portfolio.

Naltex® Netting’s innovative feed spacer designs helps deal with issues such as fouling and damage to RO membranes. With over 30 years of design experience, customers trust DelStar Technologies to consistently produce high-quality products to support the filtration market.

In addition to Naltex® Extruded Netting, DelStar manufactures Coretec® Center tubes. This part of the filter collects clean water in the RO process. This tubing can be extruded and machined to customers exact specifications.

DelStar Technologies supports customers globally, including the USA, Middle East, Europe and Northern Africa.

About DelStar Technologies, Inc.

DelStar Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Middletown, DE, has manufacturing operations at this location, as well as in Austin, TX; Richland, PA; El Cajon, CA; and Suzhou, China. DelStar Technologies also has international sales offices in Gilberdyke, England and Shanghai, China. For more information about products and services, visit DelStar Technologies at Stand B16