Batch filter centrifuges - A novel approach for scale-up and optimization based on pilot tests

I. Nicolaou, NIKIFOS Ltd., Cyprus

The reliable scale-up and optimization of Batch Filter Centrifuges is a big filtration challenge due to the complex phenomenology. That is why pilot tests are necessary. By not considering the up-to date theory for the steps cake formation, cake washing and cake deliquoring, such pilot tests are carried out unsystematically. Such approach is usually too time consuming and uneconomical. Besides that, the purely empirical approach does not give the possibility to judge and correct the pilot test results with the consequence that the scale-up often leads to an unreliable performance calculation of industrial centrifuges.

Furthermore, performance predictions for different settings and/or changes of the suspension properties cannot be reliably predicted. An example is the use of the mean filtrate rate (determined from pilot tests) for the estimation of the expected filtration time of the industrial centrifuge. The mean filtrate rate depends not only on the suspension parameters but also on the rotational speed, the cake height and the feeding option of the centrifuge. An average filtrate rate as basis for the scale-up of the cake formation step is not reliable, especially when suspensions with compressible cakes are involved. Furthermore the empirical approach practiced by most of the companies cannot judge the effectivity of the cake washing and cake deliquoring steps and cannot determine the optimal cake height for a given centrifuge.

In this paper a novel, theory and computer based approach for the analysis of pilot test data will be presented....

Session: L5 - Cake Filtration III - Scale-up and Optimization
Day: 11 October 2016
Time: 16:45 - 18:00 h

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