TopFraxâ„¢ catalytic ceramic filters: Simultaneous fine dust separation and NOx, CO and VOCs emission abatement

A. Z. Friedberg, F. Castellino, J. Skotte*, Haldor Topsoe A/S, Denmark

Emissions of dust, NOx, CO and VOCs at power, glass and cement plants are being regulated around the world, requiring the installation of secondary measures for the removal of these pollutants at both existing and new plants. Different technologies are today available for the treatment of each single component. For instance, dust filters are widely accepted in the industry for the removal of 99+% particulate matter, whereas SCR and oxidation catalyst are typically employed for the treatment of flue gases containing NOx and CO/VOCs, respectively. When every single technology is installed individually, emission abatement is achieved, but at the cost of both capital and operating expenditures.

Haldor Topsoe A/S and Unifrax have combined their respective extensive expertise and knowhow within heterogeneous catalysis, fiber filter manufacturing and filtration in the new product TopFraxTM, a catalytic ceramic filter. This easy to clean and robust filter has combined simultaneous removal of particulate with NOx, VOCs and CO. The TopFraxTM filter is based on a ceramic filter that has been functionalized with nanoparticles of vanadium and titanium. The catalytic composition can be modified to suit the exact need of the customer where a Pd-based oxidation catalyst is added for VOC and CO removal. A newly developed and patent pending production process ensures that the catalytic material can be loaded uniformly in a very well defined and adjustable fraction of the filter wall. This enables the catalyst load to be designed according to the required performance, thus limiting the occurrence of undesired side reactions (e.g. SO oxidation). A further advantage of the catalytic filter is that potential poisons are accumulated on the filter cake, thus not reaching the active catalyst.

In the present work, the case of a cement plant requiring the combined removal of NOx, VOCs while avoiding the formation of CO due to partial combustion of VOCs is presented....

Session: G2 - Flue Gas Cleaning
Day: 11 October 2016
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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