Economic use of cleanable filter

S. Holfeld*, R. Heidenreich, Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK), Germany

Cost saving in air cleaning processes is one of the main tasks beside the cleaning efficiency and the equipment investigation costs. Those can realized by optimizing the equipment design, the filter media, by using of precoat dust and by a well adjustment of the process parameters.

The way to get an economic running filtration process needs to go in systematically steps that will give an answer to following questions:
- Is there a need to do design changes at the equipment?
- Which is a suitable filter media for the application?
- Does it makes sense to use a precoat and if yes, which one?
- How the cleaning jet pulse should be?
- Which should be the cleaning frequency of compressed air pulsejet?
- What is the best time to change the filter tubes?

To get the needed information the hardware need to be inspected by experienced persons and a couple of test need to be done. To prevent high analysis costs by running such tests at the industrial equipment, which is usually not possible at all, the tests should be realized in a filter test equipment. In a first step we advise to perform low cost tests running in a test rig based on the standard VDI 3926 or ISO 11057 to get information about the
- well working filter materials,
- economic use of a precoat dust and
- proper jet pulse and system parameters.

To find a suitable filter material those test should also done using a precoat dust. Filter materials that will be clogged by test dust could works fine if using a suitable precoat dust. Such combinations will be possible better, as run the process with more expensive filter materials that often also have a higher differential pressure. If possible, that test should be performed with the original dust or at least with a dust with comparable specifications. The air conditions also should be close to the parameters in the real process. With those results the test could repeated in a pilot system with filter tubes in an original size to make a fine-tuning.....

Session: G1 - Surface Filtration
Day: 11 October 2016
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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