Terminator: Progressive pressure rotary dynamic crossflow filter for the high quality recovery of filtrate from concentraded lees

M. Pivetta, TMCI Padovan SpA, Italy

Dynamic cross flow filtration is obtained through rotary filtering elements. This unique dynamic filtration system combines the concepts of membrane filtration and centrifugation. In principle, the system concentrates low density suspended particles or liquid droplets near the center of the membrane lumen and creates strong shear forces along the membrane inner surface to mitigate fouling.

The dynamic crossflow filtration increases membrane performance through the use of membrane shear rates that are much higher than those in conventional crossflow filtration.

TMCI Padovan has specialized on compact and modular single shaft designs and has developed a filter with a progressive pressure rotary dynamic crossflow for the high quality recovery of filtrate from concentrated lees.

Utilized in conjunction with the award winning patented Dynamos technology, the Terminator is the final piece which allows the winemaking industry to achieve maximum lees concentrations up to 90-95%. This research shows operational savings and efficiencies through...

Session: M6 - Dynamic Cross Flow Techniques
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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