High-gradient magnetic separator in pharmaceutical execution

K. Wolz*, M. Franzreb, M. Ebeler, G. Grim, Andritz KMPT GmbH, Germany

Various studies have been conducted in high-gradient magnetic separation (HGMS) technology over the past few years. The major advantages of this technology are obvious when processing highly complex feed stocks, such as blood. The current state-of-the-art technology for protein fractionation is liquid chromatography, which needs several time-consuming and costly purification steps upstream to be able to process the feed stock. In contrast, HGMS allows the extraction of one protein fraction directly from the non-purified complex feed stock. With HGMS technology, the efforts of downstream processing can be decreased massively while the yield is increased.

The principle of the technology is to bind a specific protein fraction to magnetic beads with a highly selective functionalized surface. By using a magnetic field, it is possible to extract the magnetic beads and also the specific fraction from a non-purified feed stock together with these beads in a single unit operation. Application fields for this technology are slurries involving high downstream effort, extremely low titer, and highly valuable components like hormones, antibodies, enzymes, or simply the functionalized particles themselves.

Research was conducted on the magnetic beads, the selective binding, and the elution process. ...

Session: L14 - Filtration Enhancement by Electric and Magnetic Fields
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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