Micro-macroscopic filter modelling based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

U. Heck*, M. Becker, DHCAE Tools GmbH,; N. Riefler, U. Fritsching, Bremen University, Germany

Filter applications are important for the chemical, automotive and domestic appliances industries. DHCAE Tools developed a solver for the simulation of filters and particle retention in fiber structures based on the open source CFD library OpenFOAMĀ®. To cover the multi-scale effects in typical filter applications, the complete model is based on different modelling approaches, in particular discrete particle modelling (DPM) and parcel based Lagrangian particle transport.

A three-stage, continuous numerical method, covering the wide range of geometry scales, is implemented...

Session: G9 - Modelling and Simulation II
Day: 12 October 2016
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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