Bag Filters: SSB felt for enhanced spark resistance

E. Galletta, D. de Angelis, L.I. Balzaretti, M. Motta*, A. Pagani, O. Mattia, Testori S.p.A., Italy

In the current economic scenario, industries all over the world are working to enhance productivity and lower costs, and the metal production & refining industry is facing this same challenge. Metal manufacturers are looking for solutions that enable a more cost-effective production: this developing trend leads necessarily to a more challenging filtration process, with higher filtration velocity and a subsequent higher risk for sparks to possibly damage the filter media.

As a better performing solution, to meet such emerging need, Testori has developed a new product line of spark resistant needlefelts: the “Super Spark Blocker” felts. The proposed media are based on the innovative use of a special acrylic fiber mixed either with polyester or meta-aramide (Nomex®) (SSB blend). SSB solution is capable of withstanding elevated temperature and prevents the piercing of the filterbag by the impinging sparks, acting as a shield on the surface of the felt.

To demonstrate the benefits of the proposed solution, those new materials were tested comparatively to other filter media commonly selected when spark resistance is required, according to severe, in-house developed, procedures: namely a “grinder test” and a “hot metal nut test” (derived from BS 4790:1987). The SSB solution with meta-aramide (Nomex®) blend proved to be...

Session: G7 - Special Filter Media
Day: 12 October 2016
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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