Extraction of green hydrogen at fuel cell quality distributed via natural gas grid

W. Liemberger*, M. Gro├č, M. Miltner, M. Harasek, Vienna University of Technology; H. Prazak-Reisinger, OMV Refinery & Marketing GmbH, Austria

There are fundamental structural changes in the worlds energy sector going on, mostly based on an increased usage of renewable sources. Recent publications predict a potential growth of up to 80 percent of the produced primary energy in 2050 (BMU 2012). However, handling fluctuating electrical excess energy is a key challenge.

The Power-to-Gas concept is a very promising storing technology. Electrical excess energy is used to produce hydrogen via water electrolysis. To release the power grids, this hydrogen should be transported to those areas where it is required.

The idea is to transport the hydrogen via natural gas grid, as this is the most energy efficient way. However, it has to be extracted on site which is done in the current work.

A multistep process (HylyPure®) is presented, that extracts hydrogen (in fuel cell quality) from mixtures with natural gas. The process uses membrane technology for the pre-enrichment and pressure swing adsorption to ensure the required product quality (fuel cell hydrogen).
This work shows the technical feasibility, as well as the influence of various process parameters on the membrane and adsorption process. Moreover, it is shown that the process is at least 3 times more energy efficient than a reference process (decentral hydrogen electrolysis)....

Session: G15 - Gaseous Compounds Separation
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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