Ability of a filter cloth for cake discharge and backwashing

P. Ginisty, N. Petillon, V. Edery*, IFTS, France

Various equipments in liquid-solid separation (filter press, belt filter, leaf filter, candle filter, rotary drum filter, Nustche filter, filtering centrifuge, cartridge filters…) use filter cloth to retain particles as valuable particles or contaminants.

As cake filtration, washing or deliquoring, cake discharge and filter cloth cleaning/regeneration is a key step of the process cycle time. An incomplete cake discharge and/or filter cloth cleaning causes yield losses, cycle time increase, irregular cake formation, increase cleaning liquors volumes, decrease of filter cloth lifetime. The choice of adapted operating conditions such as filter cloth characteristics, suspension pretreatment, pressure, flow rate….is necessary to decrease the duration of these operations to a minimum. Each filter cloth supplier has its own characterization procedure but there are no available methods for quantifying the ability of a filter cloth to be separated from the filter cake and to be cleaned by counterflow backwashing. The paper presents results obtained with two new methods developed par IFTS to quantify cake discharge and filtering medium cleaning. ...

Session: L21 - Backwashing Filtration, Media Regeneration
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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