New work item relative to particulate fuel filter efficiency test as per ISO 19612

N. Petillon, IFTS, France

The new common rail technologies impose the fuel circuit to be as clean as possible in terms of particles just upstream to the nozzles of the injection equipment. That is the reason why the main diesel fuel filter manufacturers are requested to propose the most efficient fuel water separators to the FEI manufacturers (such as BOSCH).

Therefore, there is a need of the most representatives standards to evaluate the particulate filtration efficiency of diesel fuel filters and then to make certify a given particulate cleanliness level just upstream to the FEI (for instance pollution code 14/8 as per ISO 4406).

The existing standards such as ISO 19438, SAE J 1985 don’t fit exactly with the reality; there is no simulation of ” start and go”, no consideration of the filter position inside the engine. Since two years, there is a working group combining the experience of most of the filter users and manufacturers to establish a new standard (referred as ISO 19514) which proposes to be included cyclic flow variation, vibration, a test fluid viscosity of 2-3 cSt and a particle size distribution of the pollution much closer to the real ones.
The paper is describing the first results obtained on some diesel fuel filter and more deeply the impact of....

Session: L20 - Fuel Filtration III - Analysis and Efficiency Testing
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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