Investigation into the operating performance of periodic regenerated surface filters as a function of the filter media structure

J. Schelp*, Q. Zhang, E. Schmidt, University of Wuppertal, Germany

In terms of particle removal from gases with surface filters, periodic building and detachment of particle layers decisively determine the performance of the filter. Besides the particular type of loading, the quality and duration of regeneration mainly depend on the interaction between the particle layer and the surface of the filter medium (adhesion), and the strength of the particle layer structure itself (cohesion).

The adhesive and cohesive forces are mainly determined by the structure of the filter cake on the filter medium. In general filter media have a microscopically rough surface structure compared to the magnitude of the deposited particles. Therefore a locally inhomogeneous layer structure in the sectional planes of the near-surface, porous transition area between the filter cake and the filter medium is expected. The resulting inhomogeneous distribution of adhesive forces crucially affects the regeneration behaviour of the particle layer.

Main aim of the research project is to experimentally and theoretically investigate the building and removal of characteristic particle layer structures as a function of the surface texture and the near-surface, porous transition area of the filter media...

Session: G10 - Short Oral + Poster Presentations
Day: 12 October 2016
Time: 14:45 - 16:45 h

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