Total cost of ownership of HVAC particulate filters. A manufacturer's perspective

R. Bharadwaj*, N. Nance, M. Osborne, AAF International, USA

When selecting an HVAC filter, a balance must be struck between filter performance and cost. There is a wide array of other selection factors for HVAC filtration products as well, including the end application, minimum particle removal efficiency, energy consumption, and life of the filter. If a filter is selected based only on the cost and performance, however, the total cost of owning the filter is not taken into account. For instance, a common practice is to compare filter test data that are tested at face velocities different than the end application. Another method is to use an overall system fan efficiency as a constant, when actually it is variable from about 30% to over 80% based on fan system type and operating percentage of full rated flow. Incorrect assumptions can skew the total cost of ownership when presented to the end user.

Total cost of ownership includes the cost of the filter and energy costs to arrive at service cycles, maintenance schedules, type of air handling unit, fan system efficiency, operating air velocities and local energy cost. Taking these factors into account for selecting the filter yields a realistic cost, as the cost is then tailored to the end user’s needs. Freight, disposal and change-out labor costs based on the end user’s needs and system configuration yield an optimized TCO.

Well-designed filters with low resistance and long service cycles effectively lower energy costs and yearly filter costs. The filter end-user’s interest is two-fold – a combination of filters that deliver the best value and fit into budget and maintenance schedules. This paper shows how a good TCO calculation takes these complex interactive effects into account, demonstrating both optimum costs and costs at widely variable maintenance schedules...

Session: G4 - Air Filtration I
Day: 11 October 2016
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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