Carbon fibers using drum filters

H. Sauter*, F. Engel, LTG AG, Germany

Carbon fibers are the basis for one of the most promising construction materials to achieve high stability and light weight. The capabilities are manifold in all kind of industry. Products including carbon have reached meanwhile series production and recycling of carbon products started. The whole life cycle from production of fibers, production and usage of carbon products to the recycling during different production stages and at the end of the product life of carbon fiber products is meanwhile available. Recycling of carbon is ecological and economical due to the high energy cost during the production stages.

During the production of carbon fibers, filaments, prepregs or products carbon dust can be generated. Typical diameter of single carbon fibers are in 5…9 μm, typical filaments consisting of several thousands of fibers, prepregs and fragments of products are much bigger. Carbon dust generate by grinding, milling or cutting results in hard particles. The electrical conductivity of carbon can be useful or harmful. Carbon dust can result e.g. in complete damage of electric components due to short-circuit or hygienic impacts. Suction and ventilation the complete production processes are therefore necessary.

Drum filters are used since a long time in fiber industry in order to separate fibers and agglomerates of different size. Nozzles suck off the fibers and particles from the surface of a filter media and thus media is partially regenerated. Drum filters transform a large volume flow with a low concentration of dust is a small volume flow of high concentrated dust. The removed dust is cleaned by an extra separator like a cyclone. The handling of carbon dust during some of the production stages shows similarity to common fiber application in cellulose or cotton industry. Special adjustments of the electrical driven components are necessary. Result of filter tests using a mixture of carbon fibers as a challenge aerosol is presented in the following. General information about the application of filters in this context is given...

Session: G6 - Air Filtration II
Day: 11 October 2016
Time: 16:45 - 18:00 h

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