Improvements in implementation of laser diffraction droplet characterization methods for water emulsions in diesel fuels

S. Ward-Smith*, A. Vaisman , A. Blasco, P. Kippax, A. Hall, O. Schmitt, Malvern Instruments Ltd, UK

Increasing amount of testing is being performed to optimise the efficiency of oil / water separators in diesel engines.

Large water droplets are reasonably easy to remove, but increasingly the water droplets are present in the form of a fine emulsion. The recent addition of various fuel additives (especially in low sulphur diesels) act as surfactants and have the unwanted side effect of reducing the emulsion droplet size and are making the emulsions increasingly stable due to the charge the additives impart to the droplets. As part of filter design, filters must be tested to examine how they will behave in field. New test methods are being written, but they present unique challenges to the laboratory sizing methods required as they present a high concentration, high pressure, high flow sample into a technique which normally has samples diluted, is at atmospheric pressure and often has curves in then flow cell design.

To improve and streamline integration of DSD analytical tools to allow simpler measurements in line with recent changes in standardisation and the changing nature of the fuels tested...

Session: L20 - Fuel Filtration III - Analysis and Efficiency Testing
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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