Continuous thickening of white pigments and fillers with the DYNO filter

E. Ehrfeld*, U. Hoffner, M. Schiessl, BOKELA GmbH, Germany

Fillers and pigments from white minerals are used in a wide field of applications including paper production, colours, cosmetic products or active pharmaceutical ingredients. This diversity of applications corresponds to a variety of special products which often are of high value and often require individually specified and tailor-made characteristics with respect to crystal shape, particle shape and particle sizes x which typically are in the range of x < 1┬Ám. Accordingly, the separation characteristics of these products differ in a wide range and filtration of finest grained fillers and pigments need a high-performing but gentle and product-protective separation process. If the product has to be achieved as a spreadable paste, then filtration must be performed under hermetic conditions because even minimal air intake deteriorates the product quality. This job specification requires a special separation technology.

Dynamic Crossflow filtration enables following results for such applications:...

The paper presents the machine design and process characteristics of the DYNO Filter and reports on operating results of running industrial reference applications of the DYNO Filter with different white pigments and fillers...

Session: M6 - Dynamic Cross Flow Techniques
Day: 13 October 2016
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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