Tailings dewatering with disc filters

J. Hahn*, A. Egger, BOKELA GmbH, Germany

For the filtration of tailings and paste from ore processing filter presses, belt filters and rotary vacuum disc filters are the most commonly used dewatering technologies. The vacuum disc filter type is in approximately 80% of all applications the most economical of these technologies - both in CAPEX and OPEX – especially, when modern high performance disc filters are used.

The Boozer disc filter is a big diameter high performance vacuum disc filter which has set the pattern in a multitude of applications e. g. in the alumina industry and in the dewatering of coal slurries. In the last years this type of disc filter has established itself in applications of tailings dewatering. The reasons for its successful operation in tailings dewatering are: the high throughput and dewatering performance, the excellent operational reliability even in case of varying feed conditions, the simple and robust design, the ease of maintenance and last but not least the small footprint...

Session: L7 - Cake Filtration IV - Continuous Vacuum and Pressure Filters
Day: 12 October 2016
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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