Magnetophoretic velocity determined by space and time-resolved extinction profiles

D. Lerche*, T. Detloff, D. Krause, M. Wolff, LUM GmbH, O. Mykhaylyk, D. Vlaskou, V. Schoemig, T. Jonas, S. Berensmeier, C. Plank, Technical University Munich, Germany

Magnetophoretic velocity of magnetic nano-objects for biomedical applications was characterized by measuring space- and time-resolved extinction profiles (STEP-Technology) using a customized LUMiReader device equipped with a set of permanent magnets (STEP-MAG). The resulting magnetic fields and gradients in a sample volume enable the operator to choose measurement conditions for magnetic micro- and nanoparticles and their assemblies. The dependence of magnetophoretic velocity on concentration and optical wavelengths indicated assembly of the nano-objects upon magnetophoresis. The method has potential applications in biomedicine to develop advanced materials and protocols for cell separation, tissue engineering, and drug/nucleic acid targeting...

Session: L2 - Sedimentation Analysis
Day: 11 October 2016
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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