Insights into dewatering and characterization of waste activated sludge from Indian perspective

S. Jadhav *, S. Haramkar*, A. Kamble, B. Thorat, Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai - India

Although considerable amount of techniques are developed to dewater waste activated sludge (WAS) not many ETPs and CETPs in India are using them practically. Moreover, the incapability of conventional methods to effectively dewater WAS have made it evident that new, compact and more efficient system or systems are needed. Use of advanced dewatering processes in sequential manner can promisingly remove most of the water from WAS. The resources found in municipal wastewater treatment sludge, more recently called bio-solids, are rich in nutrients and energy along with some minor components. The reported usage of the solids rich in biological content are fertilizer or adsorbents or as a fuel due to its high heat value. Therefore, from Indian context, there exists an opportunity to develop treatment process for WAS by applying new solutions and technologies that can also reduce energy inputs and/or generate energy for other processes.
In order to provide a curated solution, the initial hurdle in this approach was the characterization of the Indian municipal WAS. Therefore, on-site filtration experiments were carried out at the local CETPs to measure the properties of the WAS. The consequences of several operational parameters such as effect of pressure, filtration media, coagulant addition, etc. were studied. The characteristic properties such as cake resistance, medium resistance, cake porosity, cake compressibility, effective mean particle size, capillary number, irreducible saturation and threshold pressure were determined along with the elemental analysis of the cake. To better understand the role of hydrodynamics as well as the biological content, a comparison was made between the activated sludge (AS) and WAS cake and its properties. In our findings, the obtained cake weight was...

Session: L11 / F1- Short Oral + Poster Presentations
Day: 12 October 2016
Time: 14:45 - 16:45 h

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