Principle and its implement in designing filter media for liquid and gas filtration applications

Dr. Kyung-Ju Choi, Clean & Science Co. Ltd., Korea

Multi-layer composites with nano-sized filaments seem to be the recent trend throughout the filtration industry. The filters with multi-layered nonwoven material generally increase the dust holding capacity if designed properly. I will detail the basic methods to manufacture the multi-layer media in which the basic principles of fluid mechanics have been applied. These principles have been extended to design the filter media with the multi-layer material to maximize filter performance. By utilizing the multi-layer design equations developed for each individual layer of known pore properties, it is possible to design the multi-layer microfiltration/ultrafiltration media precisely to a tailor pore size distribution. A number of different techniques that are currently being used to produce filter media- including nanofiber webs and their composites for filtration applications - will also be discussed. The equipment and fundamental know how behind each of these techniques will be explained along with the advantages and difficulties of each. The green product – a reduction of waste and a cleaner environment, and gas phase filtration are getting more public attention than ever.

Session: K3 - Keynote Lecture III
Day: 13 March 2018
Time: 16:45 - 18:00 h

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