Pyrotex® KE for emissions control and increased energy efficiency

J. Lauer, R. Hammerschmidt*, F. Kenzle, BWF Envirotec, Germany

Due to stricter environmental regulations worldwide, the control and treatment of particulate and gaseous emissions in industrial processes is getting more complex and challenging. In the face of ever decreasing emissions limits, the manufacturing industries are forced to look for alternative solutions to meet these requirements efficiently.

The ceramic filter element is often the technology of choice for simultaneous dust control and treatment of gaseous components such as NOx and VOC's. This technology can achieve dust emission rates below 1 mg/Nm³ even at operating temperatures up to 850°C. The rigid filter elements can operate at higher temperatures hence flue gases do not need to be tempered to suit the filter medium. Energy losses from cooling can be reduced or eliminated entirely. If a conventional SCR honeycomb system is used for NOx-abatement, the flue gases do not need to be reheated. Energy-recovery systems can now utilize the clean hot gases to generate electricity, to dry material and/or as supplementary combustion air.

Moreover, higher filtration temperatures will lower the amount of hydrated lime needed for the SOx treatment while targeting the optimum reduction efficiency of the sorbent at approximately 350°C. Finally, with the integration of a catalyst inside the filter element, NOx reduction can be done within the same dust/emission control unit.

The standard length of a rigid filter element, available as a single piece, is 3 meters. BWF Envirotec, one of the world market and technical leader in industrial filtration, has developed and tested not only 4.5 meters long single-piece filter elements but also modular filter elements up to 8 meters in length. The new generation of Pyrotex® KE filter elements with higher filtration area per element will lead to

Session: G15 - Hot Gas Cleaning
Day: 15 March 2018
Time: 10:45 - 12:00 h

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