ISO 16890 and air filter media selection

C. Desquilles*, P. Blanckaert, Lydall Performance Materials SAS, France; D. Sullivan, G. Crosby, Lydall Performance Materials, USA

Multiple independent studies have concluded that there are links between Particulate Matter (PM), especially fine dust, and human health hazards like cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. A new international standard, ISO 16890, introduces great changes compared to ASHRAE 52.2-2017 and EN779:2012. This new standard from a laboratory test now allows us to make a link between outdoor air pollution (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10) and the efficiency of the filter element (ePM1, ePM2.5 and ePM10).

Lydall Performance Materials tested fiberglass media flat sheet (more than 50 samples) following ISO 16890 to obtain ePMx efficiencies. An external laboratory tested similar samples under the same conditions and obtained very similar results—proving reliability of our ePMx measurements on flat sheet. We then had V-bank filters produced with our fiberglass media and tested the filters in accordance with ISO 16890 at a flow rate of 3400 m3/h to demonstrate that ePMx efficiencies from flat sheet estimations are in line with real measurements on complete filter elements....

Session: G8 - Filter Classification and Standardisation
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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