Energy efficiency in HVAC filtration - Developing nonwoven filter media further

L. Summa*, Sandler AG, Germany

Energy efficiency is a new performance indicator for filter media and shapes current classification standards and development in the industry. The reconciliation of practical applicability and low energy consumption takes centre stage. Development focusses on achieving high filtration performance at low energy consumption. This also involves the optimisation of the filter medium with regard to the behaviour of the pocket filter made from it during use in the filtration plant. At the same time, norms on filter media classification are changing.

The new norm ISO 16890 takes a more practical approach to filter media testing, introducing a new classification system for all air filters for general ventilation. As opposed to the current norm EN779:2012, filters and filter media are now being classified with regard to the type of particles to be filtered out of the airstream. Three so called particulate matter (PM) classes are defined by specific criteria to be fulfilled by the filter media in various specific applications. The real life performance is the focus of these regulations. Therefore, the new classification provides users with a precise description of filter properties and enables them to choose exactly the right filter for their end use. Depending on the particle size, ISO 16890 distinguishes between PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 classes. PM1 and PM2.5 focus on the deposition of fine particles or particulate matter and are geared towards urban regions. The PM10 rating is based on the so called rural dust particle distribution, involving a smaller share of very fine particles in the air than that in urban regions.

To achieve the required minimum efficiency for the classes PM1 and PM2.5 a fine fibre structure creating a large inner surface is essential. In these filter classes, synthetic filter media offer a high initial efficiency and achieve...

Session: G17 - HVAC-Systems
Day: 15 March 2018
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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