Dust holding performance of pleated filter installed with pre-filter wrap

Z. Pan*, M. Tang, Z. Sun,Y. Liang, South-China University of Technology, China

Due to larger filtration area, pleated filters have been widely used in many industrial applications. Installing a layer of pre-filter wrap outside the primary filter is an important way to improve the performance of turbine air inlet static filter systems. As pre-filter wraps are designed to capture large particles, Insects and seeds before they reach the primary filter element, it can reduce the pollution degree of primary filters, make primary filters’ pressure drop increase slowly, and then extend their service life. Furthermore, wraps are inexpensive and easy to change. In this work, several small mini-filters, made by melt-blown nanofiber composite filer media, were tested on a filter test rig to evaluate for the pressure drop curves and dust holding performance. The results showed that...

Session: G10 - Short Oral + Poster Presentations I
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 14:45 - 16:45 h

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