Filtration behavior of CNT – Functionalized melt blown filter media

W. Mölter-Siemens, C. Asbach*, Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology e.V. (IUTA); L. Sinowzik, Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI), Germany

During the manufacturing process of poly propylene melt blown filter media the melt blown fibers were exposed to a water based spray of CNT agglomerates. The spray was injected perpendicularly to the “curtain” of free melt blown fibers just before they were impacted and compacted on top of the moving micromesh filter band. In this way light grey melt blown filter media consisting of white pp fibers and embedded agglomerates of CNTs were produced.

In the presented study we investigated the fractional separation efficiency and pressure drop of the functionalized medium compared to the standard medium. In addition we carried out some drainage experiments to estimate the behavior of the functionalized medium when challenged with droplets of compressor oil until complete wetting (equilibrium) is reached. Based on the results decisions can be made whether the functionalized medium can serve as coalescence medium or not...

Session: G11 - Short Oral + Poster Presentations II
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 14:45 - 16:45 h

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