Modeling and simulation of a pressure filtration process based on VDI guideline 2762

M. Azimian*, A. Wiegmann, Math2Market GmbH, Germany

Cake filtration describes a type of surface filtration. Solid particles, which are entrained in liquid, deposit on a filter medium and form a cake filter with an increasing thickness as a function of filtration time. In the simplest case, the resistance of the cake filter increases proportionally with its thickness. In many industrial applications, such as in the pharmaceutical, crop science and health care fields, the separated solid phase is the valuable product which should be recovered. The filtration process requires normally additional steps, first followed by washing and then dehumidifying (drainage).

As a standard test for liquid-solid filtration experiments, the measurement of filter resistance in a small pressure filter, as described in VDI guideline 2762 [1], is being widely used in both academic and industrial laboratories. The obtained results, specially the measured value of specific cake filter resistance, are later used as the basis for selection/dimensioning of an appropriate liquid-solid separation apparatus such as pressure Nutsche, filter press, etc. for industrial production scales...

Session: L3 - Cake Filtration - Modelling, Simulation, Characterization
Day: 13 March 2018
Time: 16:45 - 18:00 h

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