Particle capture efficiency model for dry gas seal and fuel gas filtration applications

E. Barega*, T. Van der Linde, J. Huizinga, John Crane Indufil, Netherlands

One of the key considerations while selecting filters for customer relevant dry seal gas and fuel gas filtration applications is the particle capture efficiency. At present this is accounted for by means of the filtration efficiency data obtained from the ISO 12500-3 test, where air at a pressure of 7 barg and a temperature of 20oC is used. It is arguable that the efficiency measured under ISO process conditions truly represent the efficiency that would be obtained in actual field applications. This is because pressure and temperature are significantly high in these applications, and process gases other than air are used. Therefore, the filtration efficiency can be expected to be different, since physical properties dictating the different filtration mechanisms vary with the type of seal/fuel gas, and operational process conditions.

This paper presents a predictive model to evaluate the particle capture efficiencies for fully constructed filter elements under customer representative field conditions...

Session: G12 - Modelling and Simulation
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 16:45 - 18:00 h

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