Exploiting metal additive manufacturing to deliver innovation in wedge wire filter media designs

N. Burns*, M. Burns, Croft Filters Limited; D. Travis, L. Geekie, Croft Additive Manufacturing Limited, UK

Industrial filters are employed to remove particulates from fluids to prevent contamination or damage to downstream industrial processes. Wedge wire filters have strength and can withstand high operational pressures. They are also not susceptible to clogging and so are easy to maintain. As a result they are widely employed across a range of industries including water management, hydroelectric, food & beverage and manufacturing. Wedge wire screens can be flat panels, curved screens, segments as well as cylinders: slotted tube filters. Traditionally, wedge wire filter media are manufactured using conventional processes where the wedge profiles are resistance welded to supports to form the overall shape.

AM technology has the capability to produce complex shapes, some of which cannot be manufactured conventionally. We have previously utilised AM technology to deliver innovative filtration media designs. The design freedom of layer by layer manufacturing provides the opportunity for the wedge wire to be shaped in a form not usually produced in current manufacturing processes.

Here we will develop AM wedge wire designs for a self-cleaning wedge wire filter for water catchment in river flow. The first challenge is to design a self cleaning shape that also can withstand water pressure and turbulence and river debris. The second challenge is produce the wedge wire filter to have the required slot size for effective filtration..

Session: F6 - Filter Media - Advanced Manufacturing Methods
Day: 15 March 2018
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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