Potential of flat sheet PEEK membranes, produced by random hard templating process

M. Loepfe*, C. Kellenberger, Novamem Ltd., Switzerland

Filtration under harsh condition has gained considerable attention during the last years. Several fields, such as organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN) for the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or novel kind of battery separators, were established and enjoy a very innovation driven research. In order to succeed in this demanding environment, also the demand for membranes made from different polymer has grown. A very interesting polymer is poly ether ether ketone (PEEK) as this plastic is known to be extremely stable against almost all kinds of organic solvents and has a high melting temperature at a high Young’s modulus.

For the first time, Novamem demonstrates production and use of chemically resistant and thermally stable flat sheet membranes from unmodified polyether ether ketone (PEEK). These proprietary membranes are produced by the patented process of random hard template removal, allowing the manufacturing of membranes based on a large variety of polymers (PEEK, CA, PES, PVDF, PE). Commercially available Novamem PEEK membranes have cut-off sizes down to 5 nm and can even be produced as a support for thin film composite (TFC) membranes. The use as a membrane material is further underlined by nitrogen permeance data....

Session: M1 - New Membranes I
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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