Model-based investigation of the effect of intermittent filtration units on buffer tank levels in a continuous process

F. D. Bähner*, J. Abildskov, J.K. Huusom, Technical University of Denmark; P. A. Santacoloma, CP Kelco ApS, Denmark

This contribution deals with the derivation of a generalised model that captures the complex dynamic behaviour of multiple dead-end variable pressure leaf filters operated within a continuous downstream line. Modelled elements and a suitable level of abstraction are identified at hand of a real industrial-scale process system. The leaf filters require substantial manual interaction and i.e. cleaning but also the generation of flow rate set points - based on buffer tank levels - is carried out by operators. It is challenging for them to adapt to frequently changing process conditions. Therefore, mal-operation causes bottlenecks, and an improved operating regime promoting constant rate filtrations is sought such that cake compression losses are avoided. This calls for a more sophisticated utilisation of the buffer capacities. In order to understand the implications of constant rate operation on the production practice before the initiation of a plant trial, a model based analysis is carried out to assess the viability of the endeavour, ultimately motivating the development of the model – which focusses on buffer tank levels and encompasses workflows such as cleaning and reinitialising the filter, but also the continuous supply of filter aid to the machines....

Session: L13 - Process Optimization
Day: 15 March 2018
Time: 10:45 - 12:00 h

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