Engineering of universal plasma filter for blood transfusion

M. Tipper*, H . Spurr, S. Russell, R. Ward, Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute Ltd. (NIRI), UK

Currently, heath services are required hold sufficient stocks of different blood group plasma to ensure an adequate supply to meet clinical demands and to ensure patient safety. This results in significant logistical challenges as well as a potential risk to patients if transfused blood components are incorrectly matched. Following successful proof-of-concept, a new nonwoven filter technology (Sanguis) is under development, capable of removing target antibodies from donated plasma.

The purpose is to enable production of universal plasma for transfusion to all ABO blood groups. This would enable hospitals to keep a single stock of blood components on site, reducing the risk of transfusion mismatches and transfusion delays. Emergency services could also potentially carry universal human plasma for use in the golden hour period when treating trauma patients. In addition to clinical and patient benefits, reductions in wastage, administrative and logistical costs are anticipated...

Session: F9 - Filter Media - Novel Nanofiber and Wire Mesh Development
Day: 15 March 2018
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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