Metal mesh filters as multi-functional flow elements with micropleats for confined installation spaces

N. Komorek*, N. Beckers, filtertechnik.Europe GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

In industrial applications metal mesh filters are specified for the filtration and separation of defined particle sizes. For the design of industrial processes metal mesh filter are fundamental components to ensure the quality of process liquids or gases. In the marketplace there is a high demand for the optimization of existing production lines and process equipment. Increased efficiency yields reduced costs while enhanced product quality creates improved products and differentiation against global competition. In suchlike optimization processes metal mesh filters are in practice reduced to standardized particle separators. While systems using other filtration media such as paper or polymer based filter are flexibly designed as multi-functional flow elements addressing filtration, dispersion, and fluid dynamics comprehensively – metal mesh filter designs remain unchanged as high costs and limited workability due to high physical resistance of the material represent insurmountable constraints in the confines of limited space in existing process equipment. Caused by confined installation spaces in existing productions lines metal mesh filters have therefore often remained a constant although surrounding components have been subject to change to improve overall production efficiency.

Metal mesh is the material of choice in process conditions characterized by high pressure and/or high temperature. A key in production optimizations is the defined use or removal of flow resistance for efficient processes. An enabler for that are filters with an open surface area while ensuring the fine filtration of particles. This stress field can be mastered by increasing filtration area through pleated material structure. Pleating of metal mesh material has however always led to significantly increased spaces required for the filter. Due to its physical properties pleating heights of metal mesh is conventionally at least triple the height that can be achievaed with other materials.

For filters to be exploited as multi-functional flow elements a new manufacturing technology is required that allows the increase of surface area in limited installation spaces of industrial production lines. With MicroPleats there is now a material structure for metal mesh available that achieves pleating heights of 2.3 mm – dimensions previously only known to paper or polymer based filtration media. This technology opens new perspectives on the filter design in production lines which holistically accounts for all process and product relevant aspects of a metal mesh component.

In this publication we introduce the different perspectives on filter designs as multi-functional flow elements. Based on the status quo in manufacturing technology we explain a new production technology that brings new properties to metal mesh filters through MicroPleats. We illustrate the relevant design principles...

Session: F9 - Filter Media - Novel Nanofiber and Wire Mesh Development
Day: 15 March 2018
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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