Comparison of aerogel modification methods of non-woven fabrics dedicated for air purification

Ł. Werner*, A. Jackiewicz-Zagórska, M. Niedziółka, M. Zuzga, B. Nowak, M. Bojarska, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

The issues of industrial air purification, the emission of harmful compounds from factories chimneys to the atmosphere, transport industry are currently one of the most serious environmental problems. Outdoor as well as indoor air pollution could result in harmful effects on human health or even can lead to death. This brings the need to develop new methods that will increase the efficiency of filtration materials and effectively protect against harmful effects on human health and environment.

Currently, novel solutions in this area are considered to be non-woven filters made by melt-blown technology. Basically, they are made from pure polymer, which properties allow to obtain high separation level during the filtration process. Although, nowadays it could be not enough. Researchers in their laboratories are trying to find new and betters methods of modifying nonwovens that allow getting significantly higher filter separation results, with the relatively low-pressure drop. Many of works are also focused on ensuring for filters special properties such as bactericidal activity or high sorption effect.

The aim of this study is a modification of non-woven filter materials by two methods...

Session: G2 - Mist and Droplet Separation II
Day: 13 March 2018
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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