Fabrication of membrane distillation for enhanced desalination

S.S. Ray, S.-S. Chen*, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

Superhydrophobic membranes are necessary for effective membrane-based seawater desalination. This paper presents the successful fabrication of a novel electrospun nanofibrous membrane composed of polysulfone and Cera flava, which represents a novel class of enhanced performance membranes consisting of a superhydrophobic nanofibrous layer and hydrophobic polypropylene (PP). Cera flava, which helps lower the surface energy, was found to be the ideal additive for increasing the hydrophobicity of the polysulfone (PSF) polymeric solution because of its components such as long-chain hydrocarbons, free acids, esters, and internal chain methylene carbons. In the fabricated membrane, consisting of 10 v/v% Cera flava, the top PSF–CF nanofibrous layer is active and the lower PP layer is supportive. The hybrid membrane possesses superhydrophobicity, with an average contact angle of approximately 162°, and showed high performance in....

Session: M1 - New Membranes I
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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