Synthetic oil filter media facing present challenges in mobility

B. Meister-Magsino, F. van Uffelen, N. Werchner, A. Kilian, A. Winkler*, H. Banzhaf, R. Bernewitz, MANN+HUMMEL GmbH, Germany

One of the most frequently discussed mobility topics is the future of drivetrains. In internal combustion engines (ICE), oil filtration has always played a role and has largely contributed to a long lifetime of engines, transmissions and cooling cycles. Beyond that, oil filtration will play a major role in future drivetrain concepts. In lubricating and cooling, contaminants like particles and water have to be removed to assure a long lifetime also of future drivetrain components. Modern drivetrain concepts and trends are pointing towards hybrid motors or e-drives with e-axles, bio fuels, downsized components and new, more efficient lubricants or coolant oils. During operation in present and future drivetrains, the quality of oils is chemically as well as physically influenced in a way that ageing can occur faster or more intense. This brings up increased challenges on the oil filter media during the operation. Oil filter media made of synthetic fibers, fully or partially, are facing these challenges.

This contribution focusses on filter media that are made of synthetic fibers, to face the present and future requirements of oil filtration – from engine oil over coolant oil to transmission oil applications, also in alternative drivetrain applications like e-mobility. Oil filter media designed of synthetic fibers are discussed to be optimized regarding their filtration properties, chemical resistance, influence of water, differential pressure, and small installation spaces...


Session: L7 - Depth Filtration – Applications
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 10:45 - 12:00 h

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