New energy classication of air filters & New filter layout in HVC units acc. to DIN EN 16798-3

T. Stoffel*, FlÃĪktGroup Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Allocating air filters into so called energy efficiency classes is one of Eurovent scopes. Eurovent Certification for Air Filters is a voluntary association of air filter manufacturers, who hold exclusive European right to issue energy labels on air filters, ranging from A+ (lowest energy consumption) to E (highest energy consumption since 2012. Until recently the filter test standard that was referred to to base the energy classification on, was the EN779, but this will need to change, as the new test global test standard for air filters has come into force, called ISO 16890.

Its advantage: filter efficiency of each tested filter is determined and rounded down to the nearest multiplier of five. Within the new energy rating system the laws of physics will have more influence on the precise energy classification than before. Even more so, engineering air filter design is a variable that will also be accounted for under the new energy classification system.

As the filter medium is exposed to accumulating amounts of dust during its service life, will the determination of average energy consumption be an additional valuable piece of information for the end user. It provides the customers of air filters with additional decision making information in sourcing air filters and in combination of new ISO 16890 and Eurovent energy classification system can customize the filter selection tailored to its actual application use...

Session: G8 - Filter Classification and Standardisation
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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