Difficulties concerning the test method for filter materials according DIN EN 60335-2-69 Annex AA

D. Ke├člau*, R. Heidenreich, Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK) Dresden, Germany

Based upon their endangering potential dusts are classified into three dust classes L (light danger), M (mean danger) and H (high danger). With increasing endangering potential of the aspirated dusts the demands made on filter materials increase. If filter materials are produced for the use in vacuum cleaners for dangerous dusts an examination of its suitability acc. DIN EN 60335-2-69 / AA is necessary.

Although the DIN EN 60335-2-69 / AA describes the test setup, the measurement devices as well as the test procedure for determining the dust class of filter materials it is possible to get different assessments for the same filter material from different testing laboratories. It is because of an insufficient description of the test setup and a required low air velocity in test duct.

Realizing an air velocity of 0,026 m/s in the test duct causes a sedimentation of coarse components of the test dust until sampling location is reached. Measurement results using a low pressure impactor and an aerodynamic particle sizer show...

Session: G16 - Air Filtration
Day: 15 March 2018
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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