New standard for cement mill filters - existing as well as new filters

L. Gamborg*, FLSmidth A/S, Denmark

Many years of research and experience in cement mill filter applications has made it possible to redesign a number of parameters in the fabric filter as well as control of the fabric filter.

The main idea behind the development of our new fabric filter for cement mills is to increase efficiency and reduce operational cost of the filter.

Based on thorough CFD (computational fluid dynamics), simulations and extensive testing in operation on fabric filter installations around the world, FLSmidth A/S has developed a new filter bag that allows up to 15% more filtration area in the same fabric filter. This will reduce the steel weight at the fabric filter with up to 7% and do the same job.

The new Smart Pulse EVO II filter controller reacts to changes in the operating conditions by re-adjusting the filter cleaning parameters to offer optimal cleaning under shifting plant-operating conditions. This ensures that only the minimal required cleaning is done at any given point in time.

All specific plant process requirements and all subsequent continuous optimization are done by the EVO II. Smart Pulse Evo ll reduces compressed air usage and extends filter bag life by cleaning filters only when required, based on continuous analysis of filter operating conditions.

As a major supplier of fabric filters, FLSmidth knows that it is very important to have an efficient controlled fabric filter that has low energy consumption and long bag lifetime.

This newly developed generation of fabric filters will take this next step....

Session: G14 - Industrial Air and Gas Cleaning
Day: 15 March 2018
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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