Comparative study between basket and self-cleaning filters

E. Ricco Jr*, F. A. Cunha, B. G. Oliveira, Apexfil Trade and Industry Ltd.; L.F. Moura, M.L. Aguiar, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil

Filtration is an important operation widely applied in industries. However, there is a lack of scientific studies on certain varieties of filters, such as the basket and the self-cleaning types. This deficiency of more specific knowledge leads to misguided applications with excessive energy and monetary expenditure. Therefore, the aim of the paper was to analyze and compare the performance of these two filters and, in order to do that, a test bench was designed to study the liquid phase surface filtration with real scale filters. Thus, it was evaluated the pressure drop curves and the filter media permeability with Forchheimer equation, using suspensions of phosphate concentrate. It was also discussed the structural and pressure drop differences between the plain and Dutch weave media, which are two of the most used types of metallic screens. ...

Session: L10 - Short Oral + Poster Presentations
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 14:45 - 16:45 h

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