High-coverage inline basis-weight measurement of nonwoven filtration media as a clean alternative to nuclear and X-ray gauging

N. Reynders*, R. Snoeijs, R. Michiels, N. Deferm, T. Redant, Hammer-IMS nv, Belgium

Over the last decades the basis-weight of nonwoven filtration media has mainly been measured by means of nuclear isotopes. The reason why basis-weight measurement is so important for the filtration media converting industry is because the high cost of mainly polymeric-based nonwoven filament material and the increasing demand for high product quality (e.g. basis-weight measurement can reveal information related to filter material porosity, permeability, etc.). Depending on the basis-weight of the semi-finished product, a filtration media converter either uses: Krypton or Strontium-based isotopes. Nowadays, electronics technology has evolved to a situation where frequencies of multiple tens of Gigahertz can be generated at an affordable price. The availability of these frequencies enables the creation of non-nuclear, and even non-radioactive gauges to measure basis-weight. These gauges come without any harmful side effects, both to humans and the environment, so no regulation applies. Moreover, they stand for a reduction of the total-cost-of-ownership for inline basis-weight measurement in a filtration media converting plant. Hammer-IMS introduced this technology under the name M-Ray-technology. The inline basis-weight measurement can be installed in the following non-woven formation processes: drylaid, spunlaid, meltblown, even before compression. The technology supports a high stand-off distance, which enables uncompressed nonwovens of several centimeters thick to be measured reliably without touching or damaging the material. It even works in wetlaid processes, after drying or thermal bonding has taken place. The M-Ray based technology is incorporated into Hammer-IMS multi-head measurement systems, realizing a high-coverage measurement system compared to a classical solution. The talk will discuss the M-Ray technology, its advantages and application domains for the filtration media converting industry...

Session: L10 - Short Oral + Poster Presentations
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 14:45 - 16:45 h

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