Cake forming porometer – In-situ evaluation of filtration media

K. Gupta*, Porous Materials Inc., USA

The Cake Forming Porometer is capable of creating cakes on the sample in situ in the sample chamber under various conditions of pressure and flow and measuring pore structure characteristics including bubble point, mean flow pore diameter, pore distribution, and liquid permeability. The technique saves considerable time for filter evaluation. Filtration characteristics are governed by the characteristics of the filtration media, the properties of the cake created on the filtration media, influence of continuously accumulating sediments, and filtration characteristics of the composite consisting of the media and the cake.

Such filtration involves many complex variables including, liquid flow rate, concentration of impurities, rate of cake formation, properties of the oil, and characteristics of the filtration media. Consequently, evaluation of the filtration process can be very complex, time consuming and expensive.

The Cake Forming Porometer is a cost effective and time saving evaluation of filtration processes. The capability of the technique includes characterization of pore structure of media, in situ cake formation on media, and characterization of the pore structure of media with cake. In situ cake formation, cake formation under pressure, cake formation at desired flow, and automatic cleaning are some of the unique features of the technique. Examples of application of the technology demonstrate its ability to form cakes in situ under a wide variety of conditions and to measure all the pore structure characteristics relevant to filtration. The developed technology would make it easier and save considerable time to investigate the pore structures of media with and without the cake.

Session: L10 - Short Oral + Poster Presentations
Day: 14 March 2018
Time: 14:45 - 16:45 h

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