Measurement of the PM2.5 oil concentration in water-oil miscible metal working fluid droplet emissions and a new aerosol generator for high oil-water-droplet concentrations

T. Laminger*, W. Höflinger, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, J. Weber, M. Schmidt, L. Moelter, Palas Gmbh, Germany; R. Piringer, AUVA, Austria

Especially the PM2.5 oil content of these oil-water emulsion droplet fraction (including the oil vapour), which are transported into the human respiratory tract, cannot be measured easily. A measurement device using a short-cut cyclone together with a flame ionisation detector (FID) can detect the oil quantity of the PM2.5 droplets. Together with the use of an optical particle counter also the oil/water ratio of these droplets can be determined, which is usually different compared to the initial working fluid concentration (Wlaschitz, 2007).

This measurement device can be also used for a standard test rig (ÖNORM Z1263), which can evaluate the PM2.5 oil separation efficiency of different filter media. For this purpose an oil-water droplet aerosol generator must be used, which should be rather compact and which can produce high droplet concentrations to ensure sufficient oil masses up- and downstream the tested the filter.

For a droplet disperser using a rotation tool, which imitates a moulding cutter, several parameters influence the droplet emission besides the rotation speed. Especially, the diameter of the rotation tool and the roughness (linked with the number of cutting edges on the rotating surface) are relevant for the generated droplet amount. Using a standard cutter rotating device, with small diameter produces insufficient droplet concentrations. Therefore a new compact aerosol generator (Cooling Fluid Generator - CFG 3000, Palas) was build using a steel brush with many steel needles with comparable small diameter, which can produce very high amounts of droplets.

In this work this new measurement method of the PM2.5 oil concentration with the use of this new generator is shown and the increased number particle numbers of the generator for different operation parameters are investigated.

Session: G14 - Measurement Techniques II
Day: 24 October 2019
Time: 10:45 - 12:00 h

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