Investigation of regeneration stability of pulse-jet regenerated filter media under laboratory test conditions

P. Spanring, N.A. Nowak, T. Laminger*, G. Mauschitz, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

The usage of cleanable filter media with pulse-jet regeneration is widely used in industry. Dust becomes separated at the surface of the filter medium and by the forming dust cake. When a maximum pressure drop is reached a pulse-jet regeneration is triggered and the dust cake is detached from the filter medium surface. The remaining dust at the filter surface or within the filter medium leads to an increase of the filter medium air resistance.

The regeneration efficiency of the dust loaded filter medium will influence the following filtration cycle. Remaining dust leads to a faster rise of the pressure drop, respectively the filtration cycle duration becomes lower. Depending on various mechanisms of filter clogging the residual pressure drop will nearly never be constant, even after hundreds or thousands of filtration and regeneration cycles. Therefore, the life time of a filter media is either determined by reaching a maximum residual pressure drop or a minimum cycle duration time limit.

Still there is a need of quantification of stable, respectively unstable, filter operations. Therefore, in this work a detailed investigation of the fluctuations of residual pressure drop and cycle duration is done. Thereby, the frequency and intensity of arising fluctuations is used for the stability assessment. Lab-scale filter tests with various filter media (e.g. membranes, needle felts) under different constant operation conditions and cleaning intensities are tested using a VDI 3926 filter test rig with alumina-oxide test dust (Pural NF, Sasol) are done to obtain data on the evaluation of residual pressure drop and cycle duration. Frequency and intensity of deviation ratios of these parameters are calculated and investigated in order to clarify clogging and regeneration of the dust cake.

Session: G10 - Filter Test Systems II
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 16:45 - 18:00 h

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