Low concentration SO2 purification performance of different amine-modified porous materials

B. Xu*, X. Yu, Tongji University, China

Three amine-modified Merrifield resins (AMMRs) were synthesized with ethane diamine, methylamine and dimethylamine to assess the impact of amine group on SO2 adsorption under low SO2 concentration. The dimethylamine-modified Merrifield resin (DMAMR) grafting with tertiary amine groups showed the greatest SO2 adsorption compared with ethane diamine-modified Merrifield resin (EDAMR) and methylamine-modified Merrifield resin (MAMR). Different amine groups led to different SO2 adsorption mechanisms. It was much easier for SO2 to form noncovalent charge transfer complex with tertiary amine group than the zwitterion and ion/counterion products with primary and secondary amine groups under dry condition. The noncovalent charge transfer complex had a relatively weaker...

Session: G3 - Gas and Particle Separation
Day: 22 October 2019
Time: 16:45 - 18:00 h

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