Effect of the temperature on the degradation of polyphenylene sulfide non-woven bag-filter media by NO2 gas with a continuous-flow exposure method

K. Fukui*, K. Ito, M.I.F. Rozy, T. Fukasawa, T. Ishigami, Hiroshima University, Japan

PPS non-woven fabric is one of the most cost-effective filter media used in processing the flue gas of waste incinerator facilities and coal-fired power plants at high temperatures (e.g., 140 – 200 °C) under presence of acid gases, owing to its excellent chemical, thermal, and mechanical properties. In general, though the service life of a PPS filter can reach several years, the degradation and deterioration of its mechanical and chemical properties progresses gradually throughout the lifetime of the filter. Oxidation and acid-base corrosion is thought to be the main factors causing the degradation of PPS filters.

Therefore, in this study, the durability of the PPS fabric filter media toward NO2 gas was examined in detail with a continuous-flow type exposure method which is specified in ISO16891:2016.

Moreover, we also suggest an empirical model to estimate the change in the degradation conversion of PPS by NO2 gas and the tensile strength of PPS filter media...

Session: G9 - Short Oral Presentations
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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