Combined porous mesh metals for filters and capillary fencing devices

V. A. Devisilov*, Yu. M. Novikov, V.A. Bol'shakov, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia

The paper is concerned with the essence and design-technological features of products from new types of porous mesh metals (PSM), made on the basis of a combination of various permeable and impermeable metallic materials interconnected by hot rolling in the vacuum. To create new materials using a combination of different types of metal grids. Therefore, the materials received the name - combined porous mesh metals (CPMM).

The author emphasizes the ideas that the technological problem is to create reliable products with predictable strength, filtration and structural characteristics. The technology of manufacturing products from CPMM is complex and includes a large number of technological operations, which are divided into operations for the manufacture of a material and an operation for manufacturing from it a finished product of the required purpose. Production of the material includes several operations for preparing the initial metal grids (washing, degreasing, marking, assembling the grid package) and complex technological operations for manufacturing the material, which consist in connecting the grids and embedded materials between themselves (vacuuming, heating to a predetermined temperature, rolling the grid package in vacuum and in hot condition, etc.). Each of the technological operations of manufacturing the material must be carried out in rigid ranges of modes - temperature, the degree of compression of the package, etc. A slight deviation from the mode leads to a marriage or a significant deviation from the specified parameters. A difficult problem is the interconnection of metallic grids of various types (differing in thickness, wire diameter, etc.), as well as solid metallic mortgage elements necessary for the formation of products from the material obtained. Because of numerous experiments and experiments, it was possible to achieve success and develop the technology for manufacturing the material CPMM.

The developed material and products from it are introduced at the enterprises of those industries that require highly reliable, efficient, with specified functional parameters of the construction of permeable materials.

A new filter phase separator (FPS) for the fuel tank (FT) of a space product has been created...

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